Figma projects

Mockups for a mobile app that would let users post the same content to multiple social network sites in one action, using Tinder-like gestures to include and exclude sites before posting

Figma file:


My most popular community post, featuring a series of connected photos, scraps of paper and other ominous clues on cork board

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Conspiracy board

Cupcake shop mobile site

A proposed mobile redesign of an existing cupcake shop's website

Figma prototype:

Mobile Trello recreation

A precise rebuild of Trello's Android app, first used to improve my Figma chops, and later quite useful when designing similar list- and card-based experiences

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Mobile banking app

A very Trello-inspred app design using plenty of components from the above Trello design

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Division 2 menu redesign

Proposal for The Division 2's upgrade menu after a round of gameplay observation & usability testing

Figma presentation: