Mayfly is a lightweight Twitter app concept, designed for a specific use: tweeting messages that automatically delete themselves after a short amount of time, long before Fleets became a thing.

Roles: interaction design, wireframing, prototyping, mobile design, interface design, visual design, branding & identity

The idea came from stories of celebrities and politicians whose tweets from years ago had been dug up to haunt them. Of course nothing's stopping anyone from taking screenshots of the silly things we say, but I still thought the idea was worth pursuing.

Mayfly isn't meant to replace your Twitter client; the only tweets it will display are the ones you've just posted, so you can review and delete them if you've made a mistake.

The name Mayfly comes from the insect with the incredibly short lifespan. The logo is a stylized insect that follows the same curve as Twitter's bird icon.

The app's currently in production and should launch fairly soon. Maybe we'll even help a few future public figures avoid the shame that comes with those old forgotten tweets.

But if it does, I guess we'll never know about it.